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The History Of Advertising Starts Here


What’s the point?

You have an influential brand, great products and strong creative. But in a world where signal often is drowned out by noise, it’s not enough. Your ad campaigns need context and relevance, and they need to be visible during crucial buying moments. You need AdFluence™.

AdFluence™ goes beyond basic demographic and psychographic targeting. By leveraging real-time data and a powerful business rules engine, the platform’s AI enables ads to capture the consumer at the precise moment and location to maximize impact. Relevance is amplified, and ad dollars aren’t spent in less-than-ideal conditions.


Where brands go to play

With top ten national U.S. advertisers already using the platform, AdFluence is where the big brands play. However, it’s also a robust tool for marketers and advertisers working with everything from agencies, advertising co-op programs and dealer networks to franchises and multi-location retailers.

The AdFluence™ platform’s powerful rules engine can be customized to create advertising efficiencies for any business vertical. Explore use cases and sample rules frameworks for industries including big box retail, automotive, travel and tourism, powersports, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, residential home services, and more.


Real-time Data Triggers + Dynamic Ad Injection™

At the core of AdFluence are its real-time data integrations and proprietary business rules engine. The business rules engine allows marketers and advertisers to determine the logic around when and where ads are served, using data triggers including local weather, FlightGDS, live sports, TV listings, and live local television.

AdFluence then automatically monitors real-time events and matches event criteria to trigger ads on and off, modify bids and budget, and accelerate or decelerate depending on conditions. Dynamic Ad Injection™ technology instantaneously injects ad copy dynamically using the real-time data feed to ensure your ads’ messaging is immediate, highly localized and relevant.


Proprietary Business Rules Engine

The AdFluence™ platform’s proprietary business rules engine drives every action and subsequent outcome on the platform. It puts the power into your marketing team’s hands to shape the logic around when, where, and in what context consumers experience your ads.

Maybe your market research shows that online sales spike when it’s raining. Or you’re trying to market airline tickets based on seat availability and price threshold. Possibly you want to trigger sports sponsorship ads with copy reflecting real-time scores. Whatever specific micromoment you’re trying to target, the AdFluence™ platform’s business rules engine can produce the desired result.


The Ad Channels

Your brand needs to be ubiquitous to ensure it resonates throughout the buyer’s journey. And ubiquity requires brands like yours to maintain a meaningful presence wherever your customers currently are engaging with content on the Web.

That’s why AdFluence covers all major advertising channels including search, social, display and programmatic. Native ad channels include Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. The platform also includes DSPs and programmatic ad exchanges such as Google Marketing Platform and others.

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